Fahrenheit Coffee Shop Corktown 120 Lombard

Fahrenheit Coffee (kiddie corner to the gas station at Richmond and Jarvis) is a groovy enthusiastic little coffee spot. Ambience is bare bones… literally with limited seating of bony high stools and narrow raw wood counters. 

But the guys behind the counter really love to talk coffee, and they know their stuff too:  The overtones of chocolate and cashews that were pitched to me when "choosing a bean" for my cappuccino were 100% on point.  They are sommaliers of caffeine, reinforced by a wall proudly decked with barista awards. Even the drinking water is infused with coffee beans instead of lemon.  

The music is cheerful upbeat latin, perfect on a Sunday morning.  The coffee was delicious and my taste buds are thrilled!  But my butt and back?  Mmmm.... not so much- next time I'll skip the awkward sitdown experience and lack of washrooms….and grab a togo cup!